HGV Vehicle Loading

The Road Traffic Act 1991 introduced provisions into the Road Traffic Act 1988 of a new offence, which is applicable to the condition and quality of loads on a vehicle. These provisions reflect the seriousness in which the safety of HGV loads on vehicles is now considered and is under intense scrutiny by authorities:

Load Security

Every year objects falling onto people from vehicles within the Road Freight-industry cause death and serious injury.

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Overloading of Vehicles & Trailers

Overloading a vehicle isn't difficult to understand, but you MUST follow the guidance. However, it is an offence under the Road Traffic Act and carries a maximum penalty of up to £5,000 per offence.

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Skip & Hook Loaders

The Health and Safety Executive has become aware of dangerous occurrences during the raising and lowering of waste container skips from hook-loader vehicles see more...

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Activities in/on or around vehicles are always more likely to become the centre for an accident as opposed to the function of driving.

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