International Driver Attestation

Attestation Form (sometimes referred to as the “third Country” attestation), was removed on 03 March 2015 for UK drivers traveling to the EU, however, it is advised that some form of attestation still be carried.

It is imperative all international drivers update all activities regarding holidays, sickness, and other activities via digital driver’s card and Tachograph VU immediately.

Form of attestation of activities

The attestation of activities form is a form attesting activities of a driver with a view to ensuring compliance with drivers' hour’s rules.

The form attesting activities rules was established by Decision 2009/959/EU and amending Decision 2007/230/EC. This form comes only in addition to the tachograph records. It should reflect activities, which could not be recorded via the tachograph VU due to technical reasons, such as failure or otherwise.

The tachograph is the device that records driving times and rest periods as well as periods of other work and availability taken by the driver of a heavy vehicle. The purpose of the tachograph is to prevent driver fatigue and to guarantee fair competition and road safety.

It is mandatory to install a tachograph in commercial vehicles having a mass of more than 3,5 tonnes when they are intended for the transport of goods, or vehicles carrying more than 9 persons including the driver when they are intended for the transport of passengers

Regulation (EU) 165/2014 prohibits the Member States from imposing the use of the form attesting for driver's activities while away from the vehicle but at the same time in justified situations when for technical reasons the tachograph records are not possible, Member States are recommended to accept the standard attestation form.

All the fields in this form must be filled in and it must be signed both by the company representative and by the driver in order to be valid. For self-employed drivers, the driver signs once as the company and once as the driver.

The text of the form may not be modified. Only the signed original is valid. The form may be printed on paper containing the company logo and contact details, but the fields containing the company information must be filled in.

A letter of attestation should be on company headed paper, stamped with the company stamp and signed, and should include company contact details to enable the enforcement officer to contact the company should further information be required. It is advisable that the letter should also be translated into the languages of the countries the driver is likely to transit or visit.  

Below is the EU Approved Attestation Form and a Sample Letter of Attestation which is available for download and may be modified to suit requirements. 

The following links assist in giving guidance and further information: