Management Consultants to the Transport Industry

Tachograph and WTD Records Analysis
With an increasing number of drivers and company's being brought before the Traffic Commissioner's for infringements of the current EC tachograph rules and regulations governing the transport industry, it is imperative that drivers and operators understand the need for adhering to the legislative requirement of EC transport regulations. The cost in financial terms alone should be deterrent enough, however, it doesn't end there and there is the real risk of suspension or even revocation of a companies operators license.
Penton Transport Management are specialists in the field of tachograph and WTD records analysis and are able to offer solutions to ensure any transport operator and its drivers adhere to the legislative constraints placed upon the road transport industry. Our analysis solutions offer the operator detailed reports to enable rectification of hours offences which include:-
  • EC561 Drivers Hours Daily/weekly Analysis Report
  • Working Day Analysis Report
  • Trend analysis and productivity reports
  • Exception reports
  • Driver Availability and Requirements
  • Driver Chart Summary
  • Faults, Infringements and Exceptions
  • Vehicle Activity Report
We also provide operator support as Transport Consultants and Trainers in the following areas to further assist in maintaining compliance.
  • Transport Fleet Audits
  • WTD Training - Drivers/Managers
  • Tachograph Training - Drivers/Managers
  • Fleet Cost Reduction
  • Operator Licence applications
  • CPC Provision
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We specialise in operator licence and drivers hours compliance through effective training and constant monitoring of drivers and their control staff. We can install compliant systems and procedures where none exist, or update and upgrade current systems that may be out of date. Starting you on the road to becoming a transport contractor, an owner-driver or an own account operator we will support you from day one - we are only a phone call away.

Management & Driver Training Services

  • Analogue & Digital Tachograph Training
  • Drivers Hours & Tachograph Compliance Training
  • Operator Compliance & Control Staff Training
  • Operator License Audits
  • Enhanced Compliance Reporting Service
  • Driver CPC Training
  • Analogue & Digital Tachograph Analysis
  • WTD (RTD) Adherence & Administrative Training
  • Restricted Operator Support Services
  • Fleet Cost Analysis & Reduction
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Health and Safety Consultant & Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor Health and Safety Consultant & Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor
All businesses with 5 or more employees must have a written Health and Safety policy and carry out and record Risk Assessments. It is vital that Health and Safety is given just as much importance as all other aspects of managing a business. As an experienced Health & Safety Advisor I can help you to comply with relevant statutory duties and ensure your staff are suitably trained and so help to make your organisation a safe one.
  • Services
  • Preparing Safety Policies
  • Safety Audits and Inspections
  • General Risk Assessments
  • COSHH Assessments
  • Manual Handling Assessments
  • Display Screen Equipment Assessments
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Writing Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Classifying chemical products
  • Training
  • Safety Awareness
  • Manual Handling
  • COSHH Awareness
  • Health & Safety for Managers
  • Fire Safety
  • Principles of Risk Assessment
Telephone: +44 (0) 1273 552211      Mobile: +44 (0) 7989 747857       Email: Sheila Leach

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