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Operational Activities

UK operators may carry loads to, from or through the country. Loads cannot be carried between third countries unless the third country is another EU member state. Cabotage is permitted, but all cabotage activities must be recorded in a Log Book which can be obtained from the Ministero delle Infrastrutture et Trasporti.

Dangerous Goods
Italy is party to ADR. It is essential that fully completed ADR documentation is prepared for the movement of dangerous goods. Vehicles transporting Dangerous Goods of Class 1, regardless of the weight of the vehicle have a country-wide prohibition as per the movement restrictions noted below and also at weekends between 1 June and 18 September, from Friday 18:00 to Sunday 24:00.

Abnormal Loads
Vehicles moving indivisible loads that exceed the dimensions noted below will require special authorisation. Applications should be made a minimum 15 days in advance and we advise this should be undertaken at least 3 weeks prior to movement and to use a local agent as the procedure for anything of a legislative nature in Italy is bureaucratic, complex and time consuming.

Fuel in vehicle tanks can be imported duty free.

TIR Carnets are accepted for vehicles crossing Italy. ATA Carnets are accepted for certain temporary imports. CMR notes are advised as customs officers require proof of validity of the arrangement between the parties involved in the movement of the load carried.

Movement Restrictions
There are driving restrictions throughout the Road network for goods vehicles of 7.5 tonnes and above. The following days and times on those days which are are applicable include;

Days and Times Affected

Public Holidays
2013 2014
  • January 1 and 6
  • April 1 and 25
  • May 1
  • June 2
  • August 15
  • November 1
  • December 8, 25 and 26
  • January 1 and 6
  • April 21 and 25
  • May 1
  • June 2
  • August 15
  • November 1
  • December 8, 25 and 26
Remember there are also regional holidays in Italy, therefore please check the region you are travelling to

For vehicles coming from Sardinia or other countries, that can provide documentation as proof of the origin of their journey, the above driving ban start times are postponed by 4 hours.

For vehicles travelling to other countries, that can provide documentation as proof of the destination of their journey, the above driving ban finish times are brought forward by 2 hours. If travelling to Sardina, this is brought forward by 4 hours.

For vehicles destined for the "Interports"(truck yards) in Bologna, Padua, Verona, Turin, Orbassano, Rivalta Scrivia, Novara, Parma Fontevivo, Busto Arsizio, Milano Rogredo and Milano Smistamento and which are transporting goods for other countries (documented), the end times of the driving ban is brought forward by 4 hours. This also applies to air-freight vehicles travelling to an airport where the goods are destined for export.

Vehicle/load exemptions
The precondition for exemption to the above is a permit from the prefecture granted at least 10 days in advance. For foreign vehicles, the application for the permit can be made by the shipper or consignee at the prefecture of the border province at which entry into Italy is taking place.
With the necessary permit, the following vehicles/loads are exempt;

Banned Vehicles
There are emissions requirements in place on the A22 motorway due to its close proximity to the A13/A12 motorways in Austria and consequently commercial vehicles of Euro 0 and Euro 1 are banned.

Low Emission Zones
There are many towns and cities in Italy which have LEZ's in place. For an overview of those cities affected, please visit

Italy (Viacard & Telepass) - Online Purchase Road Tolls
In Italy the VIACARD or Telepass is used for payment of motorway tolls. The VIACARD is issued in a companies name, and therefore can be used by all vehicles belonging to the company and is valid for all vehicle types including passenger cars.

Motorway toll gates In addition to the VIACARD you can rent a TELEPASS unit, which is an electronic unit (OBU) that has to be installed in the windshield of the vehicle. With a TELEPASS the vehicle does not stop at the toll terminal, but continues through the terminal in a reserved TELEPASS lane where the toll is registered electronically.

Telepass units are rented from the motorway company, and when ordering, the vehicle registration numbers of the vehicles that are to use the units must be registered.

Other than VIACARD or TELEPASS, it is possible to use a credit card or Bancomat card to pay road tolls, the lane to be used is indicated by the blue sign marked Carte. It is also possible to pay in cash (Euros) via the lane marked with the white sign.

Bridges and Tunnel Tolls
There are a number of road tunnels and bridges/viaducts in Italy. Similarly to France, the most formidable barrier to negotiate are the Alps which are home of the 2 most famous tunnels being that of the Frejus and Mont Blanc Tunnels.

Commercial vehicles with engine category Euro 0 and Euro 1 are not permitted in the Frejus Tunnel.

Vehicle Requirements

Green Card required, plus original vehicle registration docs. A GB plate must be fitted to rear of vehicle/trailer.

Maximum Weights & Dimensions
Height 4 metres
Width 2.55 metres (Fridges 2.6 metres)
Length Artic 16.5 metres
Road Train 18.75 metres
Weight Artic 44 tonnes
Road Train 44 tonnes
There are also various maximum permitted weights on vehicles, trailers and road trains which are applicable according to the number of axles.

Safety Equipment
It is compulsory to carry the following items of equipment and/or observe specific rules:-

Winter tyres are required to be fitted in the provinces of Bolzano, Novara and Verbano from mid November to the end of March; in Bologna from mid November to mid April. The authorities concerned will indicate the requirement on Road Signage.

Driver Requirements

Legal Documents
Full passport required. UK Driving Licence. Letter from employer giving driver permission to drive vehicle - Attestation letter and form. AETR Hours rules apply.

Speed Limits

Vehicles Concerned Built-Up Areas (kms) All Purpose Roads (kms) Expressways / Dual Carraigeways (kms) Motorways
Rigid Trucks 3.5 to 12 tonnes 50 80 80 100
Rigid Trucks over 12 tonnes 50 70 70 80
Artics & Road Trains 50 70 70 80
Dangerous Goods 30 50 50 80

Country Contact Info

British Embassy
Via XX Settembre 80a, I-00187 Roma RM. Tel: +39 06 4220 0001 Website:
Transport Organisation
Confederazione Generale Italiana dei Trasporti e della Logistica (Confetra), 00198 Roma - via Panama 62, Italy. Tel: +39 06 8559151 Website:

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