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International Road Transport Operations in Belgium

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Operational Activities

UK hauliers may carry goods to, through or from the country, goods can also be carried from Belgium to a third country and vice versa if permitted by the terms of any agreement between the three countries. Cabotage is permitted. EU member state vehicles undertaking cabotage must use the Belgium National consignment note (CMR).

Dangerous Goods
Belgium is a party to the ADR agreement, however specific rules apply as follows:- ADR prohibition

ADR Movements through Tunnels
ADR Tunnel codes came into effect 1 January 2010. All dangerous goods notes (DGN's) must have the Tunnel code included. There are five categories of tunnel categorisation for ADR, with A representing the least restrictive through to E being the most restrictive. If you carry ADR goods, you need to know which tunnel you can use.

An example for Belgium is the Kennedy Tunnel at Antwerp which has Tunnel Code D. However, there are many tunnels throughout the country so it is imperative that routes are planned well if your vehicle(s) are carrying ADR.

Abnormal Loads
Abnormal load movements are prohibited on public holidays and on ordinary roads, from Saturdays at 06.00 hours until Mondays at 06.00 hours and also on motorways, from Saturdays at 06.00 hours until Mondays at 09.00 hours.
Special authorisation must be obtained if vehicles/loads exceed maximum permitted weights and dimensions. For help and assistance, visit the Royal Belgian Federation of carriers and logistics providers website

Fuel carried into Belgium in the main tank is duty-free.

All goods carried into Belgium are in free circulation (except excise duty goods) from all operators of EU member states. TIR Carnets are accepted. ATA Carnets are accepted for specific temporary imports from Non-EU countries. CMR notes are compulsory and must be completed correctly otherwise heavy fines can be imposed.

Movement Restrictions
There are no driving restrictions on public holidays or weekends.

Overtaking Bans
Goods vehicle over 3.5 tonnes are prohibited from overtaking on all roads except motorways where there are 3 lanes in the same direction. On dual carraigeways outside built-up areas, goods vehicles over 7.5 tonnes are prohibited from overtaking unless signposted otherwise.

Road Tolls Eurovignette - Online Purchase
Belgium is one of 5 countries that operate the Eurovignette toll system, the other countries include Denmark, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Sweden. Heavy goods vehicles and vehicle combinations with a maximum admissible weight from 12 tonnes must have a valid Eurovignette when driving in the countries named above. The Eurovignette is calculated by the the vehicles Euro Engine value and the number of axles on the vehicle.

Bridge and Tunnel Tolls
The Liefkenshoek Tunnel is situated just North of Antwerp within the Antwerp ring, it operates cash, teletol and credit card facilities. To find out more about the Tunnel, its closure periods and current charges, please click on link below, which will take you directly to the Liefkenshoek Tunnel website. Please note this website is only available in Flemish, Dutch and French.

Vehicle Requirements

Green Card required, plus original vehicle registration docs. A GB plate must be fitted to rear of vehicle/trailer.

Loads & Load Safety
More and more EU member states are implementing Load Safety Best Practice and penalising operators/drivers for failure to implement. The guide can be downloaded from the EU commissions website here European Guidelines on Cargo Security/Load Safety. You can also refer to the Load Security page within the Construction & Use/Loads section of this website.

Maximum Weights & Dimensions
Height 4 metres
Width 2.55 metres (Fridges 2.6 metres)
Length Artic 16.5 metres
Road Train 18.75 metres
There are also other maximum lengths on vehicles and trailers according to the number of axles
Weight Artic 44 tonnes
Road Train 44 tonnes
There are also various maximum permitted weights on vehicles, trailers and road trains which are applicable according to the number of axles.

Safety Equipment
In the best interest of road safety the following compulsory safety equipment or requirements and advise should be adhered to:-

Driver Requirements

Legal Documents
Full passport required but no visa. Full UK (card) licence or International driving permit, letter from employer giving driver permission to drive vehicle, attestation letter and form if there are missing tachograph charts from current period and full explanation.

Speed Limits

Vehicles Concerned Built-Up Areas (kms) Outside Built-Up Areas (kms)
  All Purpose Roads Roads with minimum of 2 x 2 lanes seperated by road markings Motorways with minimum of 2 x 2 lanes seperated by physical barrier
Goods Vehicles less than 7.5 tonnes 50 60 90 90
Goods Vehicles greater than 7.5 tonnes 50 60 90 90
Road Trains Minimum speed 70
Dangerous Goods Vehicle greater than 7.5 tonnes 50 60 90 90
Dangerous Goods Vehicle Transport of Class I Goods greater than 7.5 tonnes 30 Rigids 50
Combinations 40
75 75

Country Contact Info

British Embassy
Avenue d'Auderghem 10, Oudergemlaan, 1040 Brussels. Tel: +32 (2) 287 6211 Website:
Transport Organisation
Royal Belgian Federation of carriers and logistics providers. Nationale rue de l'Entrepôt 5a 1020 Bruxelles Tel:: +32 (0)2 425 68 00 website:

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